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    Seeking investment? The Supper Club Angels’ Tips to a Winning Pitch

    The Supper Club is the UK’s leading membership club exclusively for fast growth entrepreneurs of mid-sized businesses, encouraging business leaders to inspire, support and challenge each other in the pursuit of business growth.

    By The Supper Club (UK) 

    Are you seeking investment?

    Raising money for SMEs and start-ups is not an easy job and one of the many challenges that entrepreneurs face. Angel investors can be a valuable option and source of funding, support and expertise.

    Our Investment Club runs twice a year, offering you the opportunity to raise investment via our panel of vetted and experienced entrepreneurs. With a combined turnover of around £150M our Supper Club Angels can offer expertise in a variety of sectors such as; technology, gaming, property, logistics and business services.

    In such a competitive environment, having the right information is your best tool. Here are our Supper Club Angels’ top tips on working up a winning pitch:

    Investors often look to invest in the people ahead of the business. Be confident, speak in plain English and ensure you come across as polished. Make sure you explain who your team is and why they are the right people to drive success.

    The scalability of your venture is what will appeal to investors so aim for an exciting but realistic outlook. Emphasise existing revenues and customers if you have them as these will give investors a lot of confidence. Be clear on the risks and how you will address them.

    State what your own personal investment in the venture has been or will be. Investors will not put money in if you haven’t put in some of your own cash and time. Investors will place a premium on you if you work in your venture full-time as this demonstrates your commitment.

    Keep your business plan short, around 2-3 pages, be concise, focus on what the reader needs to know and remove any fluff. The plan should explain clearly how you deliver value to your customers and extract value from them along with a realistic financial projection.

    Get to grips with the finances! Whoever you are pitching to will want to see that you have a very tight plan, know every future figure and know when you’ll see return etc. Avoid a hockey stick plan that relies on sudden massive growth – it won’t be believable.

    Investing in a business is never going to be something an Angel takes on lightly. Of course your pitch needs to reflect you and your business, but the recipe to success is based on your power to inspire confidence, reliability, passion, ability and integrity.

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    October 06, 2014
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    Settled in our new home!

    Happy Spring from our new home here at CTO. The move was quite painless and the reward simply awesome. What a space LEVR creations have given us. Light, airy and spacious with a beautiful shared kitchen that’s definitely big enough to swing more than a cat in, light and airy bathrooms and a meeting room big enough for 6 people comfortably.

    I’ll not bore you with too much text, let me rather show you!

    We have spaces open, so give me a shout & spread the word. R1,500 a month and that includes internet & meeting room.

    Have a great month folks.


    3 Man Pod

    Renderheads Pod

    Looking to the entrance


    Great size desk with option for a shelving unit to right


    Desk with a view? Sunrise…


    Middle 4 Man pod


    Lunch/Coffee bar counter area




    Spacious communal kitchen


    Our entrance

    Our entrance

    Early morning light.

    Early morning light.


    The Dudes


    September 01, 2014
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    Who’s who in the CTO zoo

    What I love most is the variety or eclectic mix of of folks in here at CTO. This was one of my biggest drivers, to ensure that we didn’t exclude professionals / entrepreneurs etc. from the space. Here’s a list of the “who’s who in the CTO Zoo”. Please do check out their websites for more on the work they do.

    Amy, one of 2 graphic designers in CTO and works for a London based agency Top Left Design

    Dylan & Meagan – represent a US based company, OrderTalk, providing telephone support for their US customers

    Brandon – founder & owner of ASA Media who’s most recent creation is the smart phone APP, Awesome South Africa *be sure to check this one out*

    Shane, Richard & Rhido – 3 very talented developers who work for a UK based company, RenderHeads creating some very clever augmented reality and interactive digital displays.

    Michael – Owner of Solutions WEB and our only resident website designer providing Internet Solutions to SME’s

    Angus – African Storybook Digital founder and also Producer: Carte Blanche. Category Winner: CNN Africa Journalist of the Year

    Denise – our most recent member at CTO is here from Germany doing a post doc project for the University of Johannesburg 

    Brigitta – runs an independent knitwear company with her mom which is supplied to some top brand retailers in SA

    Ronelle – our 2nd graphic designer in the office with her company, Graffic Traffic and also the founder / creator of TREK Survival Gear that is stocked by Cape Union Mart and Outdoor Warehouse across South Africa.

    Scott & Daniel of BETVIP – Bitcoin enthusiasts operating a secure, licensed (Curacao) enterprise-grade sportsbook solution with a full team of customer support representatives, bookmakers/traders and developers.

    Rob – a financial analyst who works for UK based hedge funds, which is mostly pouring over spreadsheets 😉

    Sean a former Durbanite who runs the sales and marketing for a US based company, Alcobond in Cape Town

    Annie – Tour operator in Cape Town for a UK based company, Jacada Travel “Private Luxury Tours & Safaris”

    John – founder and owner of Big Blue Sky Tours… he’s out alot so we only see him when he is catching up with his admin 😉

    Lizelle(that’s me) operating LVR business to business Ltd from CTO – Marketing/Lead Generation/Telemarketing services

    entrance CTO

    April 30, 2014
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    Greetings…Salutations…And all things yummy for 2013.

    Brave new world this post apocalypse stuff – we’re all here, the world did not go BANG (as expected) and most of us are back into the swing of things worky wise. On a personal note I’m rather glad that’s the case, as I quite enjoy this world and all the delicious things it has to offer.

    Cape Town Office is bursting at the seams *she says with a delighted tone* with newcomers from near and far. Welcome to Craig from Core Systems who’s returned to his Cape Town roots from London. Jessica who joins us for a few months from the Berlin office of World First. Christina and SJ from Event Stars and the crew from Maverick Digital (too many to mention) make us 20 in the office all together.  What a lively bunch and I look forward to getting to know them all over the coming months.

    So 2013 is off to a great start and I feel truly privileged to share space, rub shoulders, hang 5 and all that jazz with these guys. Our regulars of course should also get a wee mention – Brandon from ASA Media, Barry our resident Irish software guru, Angus from African Storybook, Ronelle from Graffic Traffic, Robyn from Word on the Street, Suzanne…freelance Education consultant, Paula from ResRequest, Jennifer freelance Writer / Layout & Design and Alex from ABO (A Back Office).

    Wishing all you monkeys a fabulously productive and successful 2013… may we all thrive 🙂

    Please do come say hi on Twitter @capetownoffice 🙂



    January 11, 2013
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    3 Weeks till the…Uhm…end of the world?

    No, not really… well let’s hope not otherwise this is quite the prophetic post.

    Gosh, really can’t believe we’re nearing the final stretch (painful as it might be) of 2012. It’s been a year and then some and as a giant sigh is echoed across the land in the knowledge that in just a few short weeks we’ll all be trapped in a house with our “loved ones” wearing funny jumpers (for those in the North) or really cheesy T-shirts (for those in the South), sipping on cheap wine (because uncle jack is a bargain hunter) and wishing that the TV would just explode if we have to hear Boney-M’s Drummer Boy one more time!  Aaaah Christmas… how we love thee!

    I’m off to have a small festive with my new family and rather looking forward it has to be said. This year it’ll be a hot one (no doubt) with sunscreen and cold beer in abundance … and preferably in that order too. The office will close it’s doors around the 21st, but as an Entrepreneur or indeed Small business owner never really stops I’m sure some of the guys might pop in over the Festive weeks just to check in and make sure everything is still in one piece.

    It’s been a really terrific year at the office with new faces joining us from as far afield as the States and Ireland and local Saffas too … So here’s a big big thank you to all you lovelies who’ve made my year that much more colourful!

    • Brandon from ASA Media ~~ slowly but surely taking over the world (watch out Branson)…one Helostrap at a time 😉
    • Chris from Xphotography ~~ photo editor by day and celebrity stalker by lunch (Charlize did not look happy in that shot)
    • Taryn, Devlin & SK from Evoluu ~~ adding style to the corporate world & all things digital creative
    • Barry ~~ our resident Irishman that does very clever software things in the world on online casinos
    • Jennifer ~~ all the way from Minisota… (no not really it’s Claremont right?) doing some amazing work with NGO’s in Africa
    • Suzanne ~~ New Jersian (is that even a word) … who’s proud to be an American once again after the Obama re-election (us too btw)
    • Angus from African Storybook ~~ Apple Mac junkie by nature… Elephant stalker by design and a rather good programme maker for Carte Blanche. (Thanks a mil for finding the toilet key)
    • Paula from ResRequest ~~ a rather clever lady doing some awesome work with these guys based in Durban…
    • Crystal from CV Recruitment ~~ our very own in house recruitment go-to lady
    • Alex & Lawrence from ABO ~~ solving your Admin hassles very stylishly indeed
    • Ronelle from Graffic Traffic ~~ this is one busy lady who’s not only got her very own product line (TREK) in all Cape Union Mart and Outdoor Wharehouse stores nationwide, but also designs the most beautiful things from naughty chocolates to golf tournament brochures! #Inspirational
    • Robyn from Word-on-the-Street Media ~~ another fine example of a go-getting entrepreneur who’s taking over the world (well Cape Town for now) one contract at a time…. Go girl!

    So that’s the crazy lot that have invaded the Cape Town Office this year and from the bottom of my heart guys… it’s been REAL!

    Here’s to a soooper fruitful 2013 for all and may we all make squillions of money, buy that sports car / yacht (or whatever’s on the visualisation board)  and party like it’s 1999 come the 31st of December.

    Have a great one kidz 🙂





    December 10, 2012
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    Excitement in the air is blowin to the East

    Hey crazy kids,

    So the Fringe is one exciting place to be right now. A few weeks ago a new little Gem of a spot opened its doors on Roeland and let the beautiful aroma of  Deluxe & Kupa Coffee pour out to entice us in. The Blend / East City Eatery is a fine addition to all the hungry and coffee loving folk here on Roeland Street and at R15 for a flat white you can’t go wrong!

    Our office is filling up nicely now with the addition of two new faces. Chris (photo editor) and Paula (business consultant) and they’re both in the same boat… they simply can’t work from home! Welcome guys and here’s to a productive end to 2012 😉

    The building is also coming along very nicely now with rumours adrift of a Sushi Bar on the ground level… ooooh la la. The 7th floor space is also nearly ready with the official opening party happening this month, you can imagine the stress levels up there! But it’ll be well worth it, there simply is NO other venue like it in Cape Town. End of.

    This was taken yesterday (excuse the crappy Blackberry image), but really…that’s the view…wow! 


    So that’s about all for this one kids. Hope you guys have a grand rest of October and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted with the developments here.





    October 11, 2012

    As 2012 approaches…

    Shoh, what a year 2011 has been and its hard to believe that its nearing its festive end as I write this, but ‘ho-ho so it goes’. A quick recap of this year, not too much as I don’t want to bore you all to tears, eventful is one way to describe it as we entered into the world of CTO and that’s pretty much how its ended. We’ve had some amazingly talented people move through the space as the year progressed and it’s nothing short of a delight seeing how the space has transformed into a working office space for likeminds to work, network and create!

    Some bad stuff however too, which in the air of keeping the balance in tact should also be mentioned. Unfortunately we had a rotten ‘apple’ in the form of a tenant who neglected to pay his bills and sadly we had to ask him to leave. It saddens me to have to even mention that but I guess in the big grown up world of business things are never perfect and what started out as a promising business relationship ended quite badly. I feel I need to warn those that read this post to steer clear of the likes of Mr Stuart  Minnaar – Director of Studentology. Not only did he not make good on his (many promises) but sadly one of the freelancers in CTO was also stung quite badly having done a fortune of work for Mr Minnaar and as yet has not seen a cent for all this hard work. Consider yourself warned of this charlatan.

    On to 2012 and some what better news now.

    CTO will be moving to larger premises in the New Year to coincide with the completion of 62 Roeland and we’re all bursting at the seams with sheer excitement. Our current 112 square meter space has served us well but in the vein of moving upwards and onwards we’re keen to expand with our original goal of creating fantastic Networking / Training / Workshop space in addition to the Desks we currently have, so watch this space Cape Town.

    We’re also giggling with absolute joy at the news this year of Cape Town being named The World Design Capital in 2014check the official site for more on that – The fact that CTO is smack bang in the centre of the action I dare say has a small part to play in our giggling, so we’re totally amped (as the kids say) to see how this part of the city transforms herself in the coming months.

    What else…errr oh yes… Cape Town continued the party at the announcement that Table Mountain is officially listed as one of the 7th wonders of the world – something we’re all so very proud of and somewhat cheekily boastful of when we entertain visitors. Yep, it’s hard …so hard to live in this beautiful city… Errr NOT!

    One last thing to mention here is that the current CTO space is now open and up for sharing with another company. We’ve got 50 squares of office space up for grabs at around R80 a square which I’m sure you’ll agree is a bit of a steal. Here’s a link to the advert as posted on Gumtree this morning and feel free to share with all your contacts please. It’s a great space to work from with some great neighbours on the floor such as Platform Architects and Warren Editions.

    Gumtree ad –>

    Have a good one over the festivities folks and stay safe out there!

    All the best for 2012 from me and all the folks @ CTO!






    November 28, 2011

    Silicon (Cape) Valley

    Cape Town has an incredible mix of talented ‘creatives’ not to mention the plethora of savvy business people across many fields and platforms. This, mixed up with the consistently improving structure and stability of technologies and access to them is allowing this beautiful cities reputation for becoming the next silicon valley to present as a very real and exciting future! But, is it coming quick enough and, will it fly?

    Start-up ventures cannot exist without the right environment. The reason Silicon Valley in the US and Bangalore in India have become innovation hubs is because they have the right environment for entrepreneurs. The goal of the Silicon Cape initiative is to figure out what must be done to create a similar supporting environment in Cape Town.

    Government has a big role to play, albeit indirectly, by focusing on enabling the right conditions and playing a role in education. Also, tax breaks are important for people willing to take the risks to start new ventures.

    The availability and accessibility of descent internet & phone lines at affordable prices are essential if South Africa wishes to continue toward this potential, bright future.

    What is the future for this city that harnesses such fantastic potential? So many issues plague this country, issues of politics, racism, xenophobia, economical infrastructure, monopolies and more. Can it change as it needs in order to move forward? Will Cape Town pioneer a change in business for the entire country, and with the increasing influx of foreign investment, what will come next…..?





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    August 15, 2011

    Technology today, tomorrow, to infinity and beyond

    Author: –         Stuart Fairbairns

    Twitter: –          SocialStu
    Facebook: –     Stuart Fairbairns


    Wifi zone

    Wifi zone



    The story so far
    Smart technologies are progressing in diversity and development at an incredible rate today. Less than half a century ago mobile technology hit the mainstream and in order to take part you virtually needed a trailer to transport these ‘high tech’ gadgets. Today the advancements are coming through thick and fast, there is a constant global conversation connecting everyone from Sipho in Africa to Ca’shara in the USA and of course Charles sipping tea and munching scones in good old England.
    Digital products are changing the world. Market demands are continually pushing semiconductor developers to design smaller, faster chips that consume less power. Cell phones have gone from niche items that were only available to a small segment of affluent, well-connected people to affordable devices that are loaded with all the bells and whistles. Who knows where this will lead us, what wonderful things we will discover and who knows, possibly in true Matrix style machines may take over the world. But, before we get too carried away let’s look at the present, what is being developed and where is that leading us in the near future.


    The many facets
    Digital audio is becoming ever more popular, and soon will be the standard audio production method. Music and audio technology continues to advance from the new products like I pods, USB flash drives, MP4 players and audio workstations. Television digital has overtaken the analogue type. The new companies who sell digital products are growing tenfold.
    E-book technologies overall flexible display market is expected to grow significantly to 49.8 billion USD in 2020 from 15 million USD in 2008. Later, market with alternative small and medium sized applications centred on mobile phone is likely to lead the market.
    Digital cameras have improved the quality, and quantity, of photographs beyond belief. Clear crisp video and camcorders with digital converters are out-performing most analogue devices. Information products available covering every subject couldn’t be easier to obtain. Today, products are created and stored electronically then shipped digitally to the customer. In the old days you waited for the mail to be delivered in a couple days.
    Games, online gambling, pc software, system security, PC hardware all use this new technology of the future. Satellite radio, GPS’s, cell phones with all the apps would never have been invented and made small enough to enjoy if we didn’t explore digital science.
    Signs on the road with digital mechanics provide photo realistic pictures for our journey. This method of billboard advertising truly has it all. However cheesy it may be the virtual fireplace has been a HUGE success, it has been one of the most innovative products of the decade. Giving the appearance of a cosy fireplace without all the hassle and requires no wood, no gas, or otherwise. Now all we need is some marshmallows!
    Technologies as a (w)hole companies who stay in tune with the latest available technologies will be best positioned to meet the increasingly demanding market requirements. We, both companies and individuals, have an option today to stay ahead of the curve by keeping in touch with these new digital products, or not. If we decide not, it will become increasingly difficult to perform the simplest of tasks, for individuals shopping is an example and companies, well, I can’t imagine companies will last long if they don’t play along. Phones are becoming the new credit cards, swipe your i-phone or blackberry and ‘boop’ paid for and you’re on your way! Without said phone you would be queuing for a long time, will cash still be accepted? Will it still exist? These are questions for you to mull over, a conversation for another time, however, if you have and good theories fell free to throw them my way, love a good chin wag!
    In actuality the truth is that as things have progressed technologically the world has changed too in order to suit these new devices and systems. This is a trend that will continue. With this in consideration embracing these new technologies will enhance our quality of life. The world will demand that for even the most basic of tasks we will need these devices in order to use the new systems, as previously mentioned the simple task of payment for shopping becoming cellular.


    Green Tech
    Given the present state of market progress and a strong political support, the current expectation is that the overall contribution of Renewable Energy to the energy consumption in 2020 will be 20% according to the Eurostat principle. The estimates by the Renewable Energy industry are based on a conservative annual growth scenario for the different technologies. In order to reach the target, strong Energy Efficiency measures have to be taken to stabilise the energy consumption between 2010 and 2020. The contribution of the different sectors varies significantly.


    Renewable energies

    Renewable energies

    You can only create what you can imagine. In the year 2020 mobile medium communication has radically transformed economy. Our daily living unimaginable in an earlier age. Everyone has access to information on their mobile devices and contributes to the community. However the media as you now know it has ceased to exist. Mobile has turned the world into a global information hub and has opened radical new business opportunities. The 21st century has revealed the power of the information age, looking back to a not so distant past. The road to mobile evolution started at the beginning of the twentieth century.


    The Cen-tu-ry that Sent-an-e-mail-to-me
    The twentieth century saw incredible developments this of course being massively due to the Industrial Revolution. Two world wars, the Titanic made way for her maiden voyage then unfortunately sank, we made it to space, well Neil did, I haven’t been yet. Not to mention the invention of the BIC pen, exciting times!
    It was a time of great leaps and bounds in industrial, mechanical and technological advancement and that has only sped up as time has passed. Let’s take a look at the last century in terms of technological evolution:
    1906 – The first US patent for a wireless phone was registered
    1973 – The first mobile phone call was placed in New York City
    1979 – The first commercial mobile phones were presented in Tokyo
    1982 – Nokia introduced its first portable phone
    1991 – The first GSM network opened in Finland
    1998 – The first mobile connect, a ringtone, was sold
    1999 – Blackberry was introduced starting the evolution of mobile e-mail
    2001 – The third generation (3G) of mobile phones was launched in Japan
    2007 – we reached over 3 billion mobile phone subscribers, the introduction of the i-phone was the start of the ‘touch’ era
    2008 – over 1 billion people have access to the internet, while 600 million people have access through their mobile handsets




    2009 – Facebook welcomed its 200 millionth user, whilst Twitter has become a mass phenomena we reach over 4 billion mobile phone subscribers
    2010 – The offline and online worlds are getting closer, mixed reality is enriching the mobile experience
    2011 – Build in sensors like GPS, temperature, humidity, light or compass chips create new business mobile ecosystems (Sensorconomy)


    Now buckle your seatbelts folks we’re taking a ride into the future. With a combination of my personal thoughts and extensive research the following is what has surfaced as most likely to be the progression forward, again, this is collective predicted thoughts, please don’t rush out and pre-order anything!
    2012 – We reach the barrier of 1 trillion networked devices. Machine to machine communication, smart objects, ubiquitous computing create the internet of ‘things’
    2013 – The year of mobile broadband. LTE is offering up to 50mega byte capacity for each user, people are living in the ‘smart cloud’
    2014 – India, Africa and other emerging markets have reached 70% penetration rates
    2015 – Mobile payment is becoming a mass phenomena, driven by near-field communication, devices are adapting to our lifestyles and environments this is the start of the physical personal device. Nano technologies enable physical transformation according to the use and complete personalisation in the process
    2016 – The New York Times stop the delivery of printed newspapers and offers e-pay for readers for 1 US dollar. News corporations Border, Springer and other publishing companies follow in 2017 everyone reads the news on plastic paper and updates it ‘on the go’
    2017 – Is the climax of the mobile economy boom the market of mobile media is bigger than all the other media channels together. This year the introduction of multi-language with instant translation is bringing down the global information barriers for text and voice communication
    2018 – The US government starts an initiative to increase mobile public security called the ‘Mobile Agenda’ the location of each person’s data streams will de-tracked, analysed and saved. We reach more than 8 billion people world-wide, 5 billion have a mobile phone, 2.5 billion including mobile internet access, the generation of ‘business natives’ has entered the business world.
    2019 – Privacy, information access and control have become essential issues in the world’s economy, cyber security has become one of the most critical issues
    2020 – In the year of 2020 our world of mobile media is disruptive, engaging, interactive and controversial but truly international.
    It is up to you how our future will look like don’t lean back be active and shape the future of mobile media and communication. Join the conversation.


    Digital History

    Digital History


    In the end, or possibly just the beginning
    The ‘global village’ or online community is becoming accessible by most, on a global scale. Technology has made its way through an impressively quick evolution to modern technology as we know it today. With my predicted future of technologies (which is based on looking back so could well be not to the magnitude that it may well be in reality) could very well make the next 9 years quite astounding not only in growth but for us all to witness.
    In the end we have an opportunity now to acknowledge the power of today’s technology and with the informed, but not concrete, prediction I have provided a glimpse into what may be to come. What starting from being big as vacuum tubes funded by the air force down to hand held computers that could fit in anyone’s pocket.
    Big companies such as Microsoft, Apple and web based companies such as Google are constantly working on new inventions and projects for us to utilise and enjoy. This roughly translates to our future looking excitingly full of insurmountable potential, availability and with global accessibility and transparent communication, this including the future of business, a whole lot brighter.


    [email protected]

    April 08, 2011
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    Howzit Cape Town!

    First blog…news…update for Cape Town Office, how exciting. If you’ve read ‘our story’ I’ll not bore you too much with the background here, but it’s been some journey and I love every minute of it.

    Emerging myself back into the social swing of Cape Town and its business pulse is what I love most of all. Being in the hub-a-bub of what is fast becoming creative tech central here on Roeland Street I can’t help but feel energised by the abundance of super talented, enthusiastic and dare I say bohemian flavour that this town has to offer. To say its electric is a little cheesy, yes…but really the only word I can think appropriate for it.

    The construction is a little bit of a headache no doubt, but as the saying goes…no pain … no gain! When it’s done this building is going to rock Roeland Street…with an additional 2 floors, new swanky lift, brand new foyer, refurbished stairwell and did I mention some pools on the roof…Oh yeah!

    On an infrastructure note (she touches wood) … So Far So Goood! Telkom have delivered on its promise of a genuine 10 Mbps internet connection and since we changed the router (thanks Dan) it’s been very reliable and consistently fast. Just the other day we had someone pop in for the day and the sole purpose of his visit was for the fast internet speed we have to offer. He’s a video editor by trade and had the task of uploading video files to a client in the UK. He’d tried a few alternatives before finding the Cape Town Office Facebook page (thanks Mr Zuckerberg) and gave me a call to see if he could come in.

    Here’s what he had to say after his CTO experience…

    CTO was a great find the other day. To be honest, I’m sure the place will be much more comfortable to visit with less construction, and more patrons, so in essence, a more relaxed “vibe”. But yah, I’m sure that’s on its way.
    Overall very cool place, glad i found it.
    Cool. Good luck

    So far so good people….will keep you posted on news etc. in the coming weeks and in the meantime I’d love to hear your comments & feedback either here or on our Facebook page. If you haven’t liked us, please do and you can also find us on Twitterererer!


    April 06, 2011