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    There’s no place like CTO

    Views of Table Mountain from CTO

    There’s no place like CTO

    Working with awesome people, all the time. 

    In December a digital nomad called Jacob arrived in Cape Town and needed a coworking space.  He’s been on the ‘road’ for a little over a year now, spending a month or more per Country before he moves on to the next, utilizing all the tools you’d imagine from, Air B&B to Uber

    Digital nomad 101

    Jacob chose CTO as his base for the six week period he would spend in Cape Town. Why? Well, we’re open 24hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year… no really, we’re open to members all the time.  His hours of work fall somewhere between South Africa and the United States and so you can imagine the phrase ‘burning the midnight oil’ coming to life here. 

    Coffee & Beer

    In true digital nomad style, Jacob figured out the key essentials from how to make the coffee to where the beer fridge was, because these are important ingredients to a productive work day. On the 31st of December his company rolled out a huge software update and to ensure nothing went wrong, Jacob was in the office holding the forte! Hashtag commitment, right there. 

    All the feels

    When the time came for  Jacob to  leave Cape Town, we said our good bye’s and off he went. What came next, well that just blew me away. I always ask members to write a review on their experience of CTO but given that we’re all busy people it doesn’t always happen, so when I got the Google notification that a new review had been left… well, rather than me tell you, here’s what Jacob said. 

    I’m a digital nomad, traveling the world, one country per month. I’ve seen my fair share of co-working spaces – the good, the bad, and the ugly. CTO is, hands down, my favorite co-working office at which I’ve had the pleasure of working. It’s just the perfect blend of business casual that lends itself to the most optimal work environment. As I write this review from a co-working office in Peru, that’s decent, but isn’t CTO!

    Now you can understand why I say that I work with awesome people, all the time at CTO. Coworking and being the host of a space like CTO, is just the best job.

    …There’s no place like CTO.


    February 19, 2019


    “The Welcome Office”

    “With a friendly welcome every morning, Pac-Man breaks, great coffee, beautiful views and super fast Internet, I would recommend Cape Town Office to any young professional.”

    John H. – Ziora (July 2016)

    “Work hard play hard”

    “CTO achieves just the right mix of hard work and serious socializing! As someone working remotely from the rest of my team it’s great to have a place which make my “remote” working feel less like an individual pursuit. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great environment to do serious work, and meet some great people in the process.”

    Peter B. – Priory Solutions (July 2016)

    “The best Coworking Space in Cape Town”

    “I’ve been using different coworking spaces for more then 6 years in Cape Town (there was only one in the beginning) and this is by far the greatest place to work at, I’ve come across. Less hipsters and more friendliness. Great people at the space and a fantastic atmosphere. We are three people working there now from our company and really love the positive vibe.”

    Thorsten R. – The Binary Family (July 2016)

    “Why work from home when you can work at CTO”

    “I’ve been working at CTO for about 1.5 years now and have no regrets. I like the fact that we have our own dedicated desks, which is great if you have extra equipment such as a printer or second screen. And there’s no need to worry about leaving your equipment on your desk after hours; there’s a security gate at the entrance and only residents of CTO have access to it. Add to this the great vibe, cool crowd and commitment & dedication of Lizelle who runs the office. I’d never want to go back to working from home!”

    Stefanie Veldhuis – Accentua (July 2016)

    July 15, 2016